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( ICQ# 351055))
AOL IM name: debbye0111


(ICQ# 21212039)
AOL IM name: asjamy68

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Feel free to contact us via ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger or E-Mail
if you have any questions, comments or info you would like to share with other fans and we will be happy to post it on the website.
To send any info by regular mail or fax send to:
Debbie H. or Andrea S.
C/O PO Box 534
Milligan College, Tn.37682
Fax: 815-366-1059
Or leave voice mail message: 815-366-1059
Please page us & send a message via ICQ. If I we are online we will respond immediatley

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Pics of Deb & Andrea from Andrea's visit to the US(as per request)


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