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The following is a transcript of the chat with Dan Gauthier on Sept. 23, 2001 at 2pm EST. The chat lasted approximately 1hr and 15 minutes.

DanG.: Hello, It's Dan Gauthier
nabbey: Dan
Dina261262: Hey
nabbey: hello Dann
uklady2001: I'm Tina
CathiO: Hello Dan, It's Cathi
nabbey: I'm Nicole
dawnchsr: Hi Dan.
DocLite: Hi Dan
Jodie2-5: Hey Dan!
BBCan: I'm Bonnie
nabbey: Dan
jclaeys: hello Dan
Debbye01: Hi Dan welcome to the chatroom
DanG.: Hey Deb it's good to be here
.DanG.: It's going well thank you
DanG.: Does anyone have a question about anything?
DocLite: Doc has a question when you're ready Dan
sam1114: Have you kept in touch with any one from the show

CathiO: What projects (if any) are you working on right now?
meta: dan, what are your upcoming projects?
Dina261262: Ummm... Do you still hang out w/ anyone from the show???
Lt. Wolfe: How did you and Stephen Caffrey really get along on Tour of Duty ? You seems like you two were always rivals
DanG.: Periodically I talk with some of the guys from the show, Just stop buy Caffreys house two weeks ago. We got along great. I got along great with all the cast members

TODAdvisor: Hey Dan, I'm Lee Russell, I was military advisor to the writers
TODAdvisor: I apologize for any silly words we put in your mouth....LOL
DanG.: Hey, Lee how you doing?

meta: would you like to do another tv series again?
Dina261262: Hey Dan. Can you stop by the ToD message board every once in awile???
DanG.: Dina, I'll try to stop buy.

TODAdvisor: I hope Steve is doing okay these days
DanG.: todadvisor, Steve is doing very good working on some stuff

TODAdvisor: Great!
Lt.Wolfe: The more we see the TOD guys in the better, especially Stephen
DocLite: Dan, did you have any input or sayso on McKay's character?
DanG.: Doc, I got some input in the second season I was on, third season of the show.

nabbey: When you have chance Dan, I have a question for ya!
Dina261262: I got a question
DocLite: What direction would you have liked McKay to have gone in had the show continued?
debbye01: Dan when is Groom Lake supposed to be airing?
meta: great question debbye
DanG.: Deb, I don't have a specific date on the release of groom lake but i do know that william shatner just took over the project from the producers and is now finishing it

Dina261262: what was it like working with Tony Becker???
jclaeys: Do you ever see Tony, Dan
DanG.: Jc, I talked to Tony two or three weeks ago and we are setting somthing up so we can hang out and do somthing. It's been to long. I would look forward to seeing all the guys from the show

Dina261262: I got an idea, you and Tony can have a fan dhat together like Miguel, and Stan did
DanG.: thats a good idea I'm sure he would be into that.

debbye01: actually Miguel is supposed to stop by this chat today sometime.
Dina261262: SWEET!!!
sam1114: Can you get Steve or Tony in on the chat?
debbye01: Steve isn't really into the internet from what I know
DocLite: Dan, got another one when you're ready
nabbey: As, do I. Just call on me when u have a spare moment
DanG: Go ahead Doc

Jodie2-5: Yeah, I've followed all the ToD guys careers closely.... that show was always on at my house and you guys became like family
CathiO: Sorry to have to leave so soon. It was great catching up with the gang. Dan, I just have a quick question before I leave... DanG.: go ahead
CathiO: What persuaded you to star in Illegal in Blue?
DanG.: Money at the time and a little bit of naivity

CathiO: Well, thanks for doing it!!!
sam1114: I agree with you
DanG.: My pleasure I hope you injoyed it

Dina261262: I got one! Which episode of ToD was your favorite to work on???
DanG.: I don't really recall what episode was my favorite, but the last one on the base when i moved in with Goldman was alot of fun

Jodie2-5: That's one of my fave eps!!!
nabbey: Dan, here is a question for ya if I may
Dina261262: I got another ?
DanG.: just ask a question and I'll get to it

meta: dan, many people thought your acting was great in illegal in blue..those intimate scenes with staceydash.....were they difficult to shoot?
DanG.: well it's not real intimate on a set so it's difficult but everyone was professional which makes it doable. and Stacy was great.

uklady2001: were you given and lessons from the real pilots on the show?
TODAdvisor: (It is actually very hard to fly a helicopter.)
Jodie2-5: Did you ever get to really fly the chopper? I've always wanted to fly
DanG.: I never flew a helicopter myself they let me hold the controls in the air once but its very dangerous and tricky

Dina261262: that must have been fun
jclaeys: if you talk to Tony again could you please tell he also has a webpage
DanG.: sure

jclaeys: Thanks Dan
BBCan: Dan, were you required to take special training to prepare for your role on the show?
dawnchsr: McKay seems to have a real love of children in the third season. Was that something you wanted for your character?
DanG.: they came up with that but I thought it was great to show a vulnerable side to the character.

dawnchsr: Thank you, Dan. :)
Jodie2-5: I liked third season..... it was nice seeing more than just the hot-dog side of McKay
debbye01: Dan are you working on any new projects yet?
nabbey: Alright! Dan, you seem like a guy who enjoys acting. What was your favorite show, you've ever done?
DanG.: My favorite show was probably Muscle on the WB network it ran for 13 eps.

nabbey: Thank you!
LoneWolf85326: What did actual Vets say about the series?
TODAdvisor: The vets I know liked it, but not especially the Second Season
DanG.: todadvisor, I realize that there were things vets had problems with but poetic license was somthing we all had to put up with unfortunately

Dina261262: What music are you into??? Is it the same type as Mckay's??
uklady2001: what music do you like, Dan
Lt.Wolfe: Since McKay liked to play rock and roll from his chopper, what do you really think of the music from that period ?
DanG.: I like alot of different music jazz blues rock folk reggae
DanG.: I like rap as well

DocLite: what sports are you coaching these days?
DanG.: I'm not coaching anything right now but my son is playing winter baseball and I help out there

meta: dan, what direction would you like your career to go?
DanG.: right now I would just like to be on a show that was fun and got a good run and take the rest from there.

meta: it would be great if you got a tv series...i think its long over due
debbye01: So you would like to work on another series? That would be great
DanG.: absolutly series are great

sam1114: ya it would be great if you guys did anouther series
nabbey: Just wondering, if you could choose an tv series that is going right. Which one would you like to join as one the cast mates!??
DanG.: I love West Wing

Lt.Wolfe: How about all the guys in a 'Jag' episode ?
Jodie2-5: Hey all the guys on JAG would be awesome
Dina261262: Remember Sami. Stan said he would write a reunion episode
uklady2001: Dan you were in star trek ?
DanG.: yes I was on Star Trek

Lt.Wolfe: Dan, As a Trel fan Which trek were you on?
DanG.:Lower Decks I can't believe I remember that!

nabbey: hahaha...If I remember right, it was Star Trek: The Next Generation
DanG.: Yes the Next Generation the episode was called Lower Decks

Lt.Wolfe: What episode I have them all ? Were you an alien?
Dina261262: Dan, have you ever been to Pittsburgh???
DanG.: never been in Pittsburgh but would love to go.

: Dina261262: That makes 2 of us who want's you to go
DocLite: Dan, how are kids in California like your son dealing with the events of last week?
DanG.: Kids are pretty resiliant we limit my sons time watching on t.v. its a little horrific and scary for a ten year old

nabbey: What do you think about what happen on September 11th
DanG.: It was shocking and horrible and it scares the shit out of me

TODAdvisor: It scares Vietnam combat veterans too, let me tell you!
DocLite: Not to mention scaring those of us married to military men, Lee.
TODAdvisor: Yes, absolutely!
Dina261262: I'll bet
DanG.: I pray for anyone who has ties to the event close ties obviously were all tied to now

debbye01: It has to be difficult for anyone such as actors etc who have to travel a lot for a living
meta: Dan,I know before your acting career took off, you also had opportunities to model.....are you happy with the choice that you made?
TODAdvisor: I have a question for you Dan. Ever see Ramon Franco?
jclaeys: Thanks Lee...
. DanG.: I ran into Ramon last year on the 20th lot and we talked about getting everyone together but it didn't happen.

TODAdvisor: If you see him again, tell him Hi for me, I worked with him on an off-Broadway play in NYC before TOD
Debbye01: Dan if there were a TOD reunion show would you be willing to do your part once again?
DanG.: I would love to do my part on tod again for a reunion movie

meta: nice of you to say dan thanks..dan, is there any acting jobs you regret youve done, and is there anything youve turned down that you wished you hadn't?
DanG.: well regreting does me no good cause I can't change it and everything I turned down would have made me money but in retrospect no more successful

debbye01: very good philosophy Dan
meta: well, it sounds like youre only interested in doing quality tod which is great.....
Jodie2-5: One of the first movies I saw you in was Teen Witch... how was that movie for you?
DanG.: It was fun I met my wife on that movie

Jodie2-5: Cool! Thanks, Dan
meta: Dan is your wife an actress?
debbye01: Is your wife an actress also?
DanG.: she was but after we had our son she stopped to stay home with him and it turns out with me as well when I wasn't working

Dina261262: I keep trying to find out when Teenwhich comes on
Jodie2-5: Teen Witch is a hard one to find.... I was fortunate to tape it when it was first on our movie channel here in Canada
DanG.: teen witch always shows around Halloween I think

nabbey: Dan if you could travel any where in the world for free, were would you go?
DanG.: thats a hard one I want to go so many places Italy, Africa, Greece all of Europe Egypt and more

nabbey: wow! Sounds like you want to travel to some great places
DanG.: you bet

nabbey: Of all the places you have been, which place did you like the best?
DanG.: I really loved London

nabbey: did you do an acting job there, or just visit?
DanG.: both

nabbey: Great, thanks for answering my questions Dan
BBCan: Dan, have you spoken with Kim Delaney or Terence Knox since ToD ended?
Jodie2-5: How was working with Kim Delaney? Did her character add or subtract to the show as a whole?
meta: Dan have you ever done daytime television would you consider it?
DanG.: I did the first day of Bold and the Beatiful when i was starting out and i would never say no until the part was there in front of me to digest

meta: daytime must be very demading because you have so much to learn in a short period of time
DanG.: yes daytime is a very hard job from what I understand

DocLite: What sorts of things do you look for in a role. Miguel said humor and $$$
DanG.:I like that as well as a challenge somthing I usually don't get to do which doesn't come along that often

DanG.: I did a Levi campaign when I was on tod

Lt.Wolfe: Dan, Do you ski ?
DanG.: yes I started skiing when I was 4

DanG.: I grew up in Oregon close to Mt. Bachalor ski area

nabbey: Do you still ski now?
DanG.: I don't ski near as much but I still enjoy it and wish I could do it more i am really an avid golfer now

: nabbey: hey if you can't ski, might as well keep your self busy by golfing.
BBCan: I took up golf this summer. It's a lot of fun and great exercise.
Lt.Wolfe: I live an hour away from sun Valley, Idaho It's one of the best places in the country to ski
DanG.: my mother has been there but I havn't

Lt.Wolfe: You and your family are always welcome to visit Sun Valley No big crowds of fans, maybe except for me hehehe
DanG.: thanks for the invite

DocLite: Oh SNOW skiing! here in Florida (state motto We can't count) skiing refers to water!
DanG.: right i grew up 10 miles from a lake so I water ski as well

meta: dan, youre role on were a real bad guy......that was somewhat of a depature for you enjoy that?
DanG.: being a bad guy is fine if its juicy

nabbey: so would u rather be a bad guy or a good guy in tv/movies?
Jodie2-5: Like in Excessive Force II?
: dawnchsr: Dan, you mentioned earlier that you had some imputt on McKay's character 3rd season- can you say what that was? DanG.: I was able to bring in some of the humor and stuff but in the end it is hard when the writers are dealing with so many charaters and trying to apease the network very hard job writing

dawnchsr: Thanks Dan! :)
meta: did you enjoy playing that role on sisters? youre last episode was pretty horrific
Dina261262: Do you like Hockey???
DanG.: I really like hockey it is the most fun to watch live of any sport even basketball which is one of my favorites

: nabbey: yes, I agree on that. Hockey is better to watch live!
: BBCan: dan, do you what any tv? If so, what are your favorite shows?
DanG.: west wing is my favorite show period its just terrific

nabbey: So you will be sitting on your couch, when the season premier of West Wing comes on?!!
meta: dan, youre in great physical condition...what is your workout regimen, diet?
DanG.: I try to eat right and work out about four times a week but it is a constant struggle espeacially as i get older. you know being in your late 20's is difficult

DocLite: LOL Dan
meta: lol dan......its cool you can joke about your dont have any hangups about getting older
BBCan: Dan, do you like the Sopranos
DanG.: for sure,I don't get HBO so I have yet to see that show I have been meaning to rent it.

debbye01: Dan are you working on any current projects?
meta: dan any prospects for tv series?
DanG.: no I'm trying to get a job right now the industry took quite a hit with the pending strikes and has not fully recovered yet

debbye01: I'm sure with all the threats in Hollywood now too it will take more of a hit too
DanG.: well people thank you very much but my hands are getting very tired so lets do this again soon

Jodie2-5: Sure thing.... thanks for joining us!
dawnchsr: Nice to meet you, Dan.
nabbey: Alright, nice meeting you Dan!!
meta: thanx dan
debbye01: Thanks Dan..
DocLite: thanks very much Dan! Lt.Wolfe: thank you, Dan
jclaeys: it was nice talking to you Dan
uklady2001: bye Dan
Dina261262: thax a bunch, bye!
nabbey: Have a good day Dan!
meta: debby thank you for organizing the chat
canlee: bye
TODAdvisor: bye Dan
nabbey: Yes, thank you Debbye
meta: Debby the website looks great by the way
Lt.Wolfe: thanks, Deb
meta: bye everyone
DocLite: bye all!
debbye01: You're very welcome hopefully we'll get all of the guys together in a chat soon

Nov 24th 2002 Chat with Fans

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