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The following is a chat transcript of Dan Gauthier's online chat with fans on Sunday Nov. 24th at 7pm EST.
The chat lasted approx 90 minutes

*The transcript has been edited for continuity NOTE: We attempted to copy all of the chat however some transcript was lost. If there was a question that you asked that is not shown here pleaseE-Mail me and I will add it to the transcript.

The following material is Copyright © 2002-2003 and is the exclusive property of The Official Dan Gauthier Website, PageCreations and Dan Gauthier. It is not to be used without permission

tammi Hi Dan
ToDfan : Hi Dan
debbye01 Hi Dan
Cherokee: Hi Dan
danfan : Hi there Dan thanks for having this chat
Doc :Hi Dan
canlee Hello Dan

dang :Hi everyone
tammi Dan have you been working on anything new lately?
dang A few things that I'll have info on my fanpage. Also I've done an appearance on Charmed recently.

debbye01 Dan is there any news on Groom Lake yet?
dang Only that it will be out on video soon but no date yet

danfan What was it like working with Bill Shatner on Groom Lake? I'm a fan of his and yours from way back.
dang He's amazing. I go to his house every Monday night to watch Monday Night Football

tami Did you get to meet Leonard Nimoy as well?
dang No but he was at the showing of Groom Lake

debbye01 Sorry but there are still a lot of people trying to get into the room. I'm tryng to help them, I don't know what the problem is

danfan Dan how do you pronounce your last name?
dang go-tee-ay

ToDfan Sounds French
dang French Canadian

Doc Do you ever see any of the cast of TOD?
dang Not really but I did see Miguel Nunez the other day on the street but couldn't catch him

doc Have you seen Miguel's movie yet?
dang As a matter of fact I rented it and plan to watch it tonight, good for him!

tami So what do you do in your spare time?
dang Mostly coach little league for my son

debbye01 Dan would you encourage your son to become an actor?
dang If that's what he really wanted but it's tough

debbye01 Dan are you any relation to the actor Dick Gauthier?
dang No but I am asked that all the time

Doc Hi Craig
tammi hi craig
Craig Hi
debbye01 Hi Craig
Doc Another clever person, sigh. I'll just stick to witty repartee
dang Very good of you doc

tammi Dan do you ever see the cast from Illegal in Blue? I thought you were great in that movie.
dang No

tami Do you have any regrets about making that movie?
dang No, just fond memories but I do worry about my son seeing it

tammi Do you have a favorite movie or show that you starred in?
dang EFII (Excessive Force II)

tammi Dan how often do you workout? I find it's harder to stay in shape the older I get
dang It is very hard to stay in shape I think diet is the most important as well as difficult

tammi How often do you workout?
dang Try 3 times a week a least

tammi Oh that makes me sick, if you only have to workout 3/ look as good as you do!!!!!!!! lol
canlee You look great
dang You have'nt seen me

danfan We've seen you on tv
Doc Do you feel that as you, um, age, um, that parts will be more plentiful? I kinda think age adds a certain character that is very appealing onscreen
Doc Parts meaning roles lol
Cherokee And with age come wisdom how to get around those lousy directors and producers
dang I agree and i hope so doc

bmcgee777 Work out as much as you can, because when you get my age, it gets harder.
dang I'm working out right now

Doc I can't tell you what I'm doing right now! ROTFL
tammi What are you doing dan?
dang Working out

ToDfan Finger workouts LOL
dang Jump rope

danfan A brain workout just talking to us LOL
Doc jeepers, Cherokee, and still able to string words together
tammi you have a gym in your house dan?
dang No mam

Cherokee Yeah, if I didn't pepper might throw something at me
Doc Little isometrics....
Doc Pinkie up, pinkie down
ToDfan LOL
dang It all counts

Doc Run to let dogs out, run back to computer
Cherokee Pepper has a phrase that she uses about excercising....she says that every time she feels the urge to exercise she sits down until the feeling passes
danfan LOL
Doc Have any pets, Dan?
dang Big black......lab

Doc I have big black.....border collies
dang Nice

Doc labs are great for kids
dang yes they are we were very lucky with ours sweet well behaved and smart

bmcgee777 I have a small white Pekeinese.
canlee I have a big big commador-covos
ToDfan I have a gold fish
Cherokee I have a horse
Doc I have a hedgehog, too! LOL
tammi Dan have you ever had a problem with obsessed fans?? I hope not
Doc watch out for Tammi, there Dan
tammi please...........
dang not to bad tammi

tammi lol
danfan Dan have you worked outside the US besides Canada
dang UK

debbye01 did you do a movie or theater in the UK
dang commercial

hum90 which one ?
Cherokee what kind?
dang 501

hum90 when did you do the 501 commercial
dang A long time ago 12 years maybe

hum90 thanxs , I'll see if I can dig it up
tammi Dan did you stop modeling totally when you got into acting?
dang in the bathroom be back in a sec

dang I'm back

bmcgee777 welcome back
Doc Okay, Dan, if you had one place in the world, and you had to live there, where would it be?
dang I would not want to have to choose that it's too limiting

DC Dan, have you had a chance to look at the ToD sites? We have one with the character biographie and McKay's is one of them.
dang No but I will

bmcgee777 Dan, do you consider yourself a religious man.
dang Not in a conventional way

bmcgee777 Is that where u live Doc?
bmcgee777 Moore, Ok. here.
Doc Ah! me? now in FL
Doc wearing my Western Oklahoma State College sweatshirt as we speak Bill
debbye01 Dan what sports to you like to watch or play?
dang Golf is my big one and basketball
dang I'm pretty much hooked on golf

hum90 whats your handicap ?
dang 12

Doc Do you ride or drive, Dan?
dang I walk

debbye01 good excercise...
Doc Carry your own bag?
dang I should be a 6 (handicap) and I have a pull cart
Cherokee have you ever golfed with tiger woods?
dang no

bmcgee777 Would you like to?
dang I wish

Cherokee lol
debbye01 How about in any of the celebrity golf tournaments?
dangThose guys are only at the big ones and im not a big enough celebrity for those

ToDfan laugh
Cherokee LOL
Doc Being a celebrity and being a respected actor are two different things
debbye01 I agree. I'd rather be a respected actor..
dang right
dang Yes both would be optimal

bmcgee777 You are a big celebrity as for as I am concerned.
Doc Indeed.
debbye01 yes as far as we ALL are concerned
Cherokee Dan, Pepper says that to her you are both a celebrity and respected actor
dang thanxs

danfan We'd sure like to see more of you on tv or movies
dang Get all your friends to write to the networks and demand that I am a regular on the fall series or you'll boycot

Doc yes, my name carries big clout with the networks! LOL
Cherokee Dan Pepper is trying here in our town but it is too small for it to count
debbye01 ok will do!!.. We've done it for Miguel before so we can do it for you as well
dang thanxs

Doc I've lost the thread of the conversation. ..sleep deprivation
debbye01 We're talking about writing the networks and demanding Dan be given a series
dang I wonder what number would make them listen
dang Couple of 00000000's

Doc Oh, gotcha. how about indy films? a big breakout would score big.
dang Spread it around the internet

debbye01 Well there are a LOT of TOD fans out there that will write I know that
Cherokee it sure would have to be more than 105. that is how large her TOD group is here now.
ToDfanThere are an unbelievable number of fans from the show
debbye01 We can post it on all the boards .. Dan you have a LOT of fans,
dang thanks deb you're very sweet

ToDfan yes she is isn't she
Cherokee yes she is
hum90 just let me have the details dan and I'll add it to my site too
debbye01 I even have a list of all the network executives and will put it up as a link
Cherokee that will help from here debbie. Pepper can give it to the rest of the group
debbye01 I have a link right now on the TOD site of all our network executives to contact for anyone who wants it
dang deb I have new pictures to send you in a few weeks e-mail me your address again

debbye01 ok thanks Dan
Doc Is there any evidence that those letter-writing compaigns work?
Cherokee now that is a very good question Doc
dang I have no idea but couldn't hurt

debbye01 I know for a fact that it did with TNT.. and it did also with BET for Miguel
dang Write to access hollywood or et and get an exclusive. maybe they would come to you

Doc Well, great, full steam ahead!
Good idea.. will do
Cherokee pepper thought that bravo might even play the show since they liked st.elsewhere
dang I just put a new photo on IMDB check it out

Cherokee on your page dan?
canlee have you checked the Hum90 update on you
dang Put my name in click go then click on my pic and then click on my pic again it will blow up to by 10

Cherokee can I print it for Pepper?
dang Maybe not sure try let me know on fan page
dang Or now

Cherokee ok will do
Doc While everyone is doing that, we can just chat amongst ourselves, Dan. LOL
dang go doc

debbye01 Cool.. is it one of the same ones you will send me for your site?
dang yes are you on now

bmcgee777 How do u get to IMDB?
Doc I was just thinking what an odd life it is for actors
dang you got that right


Doc Everything you do (not counting theatre), that moment is captured
Doc and watched, over and over.
dang right bare ass and all

Doc exactly
Cherokee lol
Doc and you get recognized (with any luck)
dang the eternal youth factor

debbye01 You'll never live that down Dan *lol*
dang yes more than i can believe

dang at least i was young and shaply

Doc indeed
bmcgee777 Do you feel you have been type cast because of TOD.
dang no

Doc but what if that wasn't a moment you esp feel great about? and it's STILL out there I think that would be difficult to deal with the permanence of it every day is different for most of us in our jobs. what happened yesterday becomes a memory …sorry, just musing here
bmcgee777 Would have a problem playing an evil person?
debbye01 I can't imagine how it is to see yourself in a movie for the first time
dang I still have a hard time watching myself just think I suck

dang the most difficult thing about acting is the variables that you have no control over which are many
Doc the story as filmed is often not the end product after editing, no?
dang right you are doc

debbye01> I guess everyone probably thinks that way when they are actor/actress.. with some exceptions
Doc> Is that why so many actors go into directing and producing? so they have control over the outcome:
dang> yes that is why directing interest me so much I really would like to direct sitcom

debbye01> Well go for it!!
dang> deb are you on imdb?

debbye01> Yes Dan I am on there
dang> did you get the picture to blow up?
debbye01> Yea!!
debbye01> Yes I like that pic. And you have more?????
dang> yes
debbye01> great :-)

bmcgee777> Dan, do you live in Hollywood?
Doc> is it difficult to make that transition from one side of the camera to the other?
dang> yes it is without success

Doc> you need a story too good to ignore.
Cherokee> hey dan, I got a person you can direct in a sitcom
dang> oh ya?

Doc>now, as far as backing $$$, that's the tough part
dang> right

bmcgee777> This may be a dumb question, I was wonder if you have met a actor names F Lee Reynolds,
dang> no why?

bmcgee777> He is working on a movie with Tom Cruise now.
dang> really thats so cool

bmcgee777> He is a son of a good Air Force buddy of mine.
Doc> okay. so, we just need to round up a really good story, $$$ and you can direct and produce and star. deal?
dang> you got it

Doc> Okay. I'll let you know.
Cherokee> yes Dan we call her Pepper, and she is quite a character in her own right.
dang> pepper me

Cherokee> she will try if she has the chance ... trust me dan she is in the hospital at the moment but that still doesn't stop her.
Doc> Just found 50cents in the sofa. we've got a start
dang>good for you doc just a couple bucks to go

bmcgee777> I don't know if you would be interested in contact Lee or not, but if so let me know and I will give you his email addy.
Doc> hey, everything has to start somewhere.
dang> riiiiiight

bmcgee777> He just might know of something good for you.
dang>give me his email

bmcgee777> I know Lee and he is a good man.
bmcgee777> Deb has my email address.
debbye01> I'll send it to him Bill
dang> okay

debbye01> Is there any sitcom right now you'd like to be a regular on? or would you prefer your own show?
dang> my own of course but I like Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier and Grounded for Life.

bmcgee777> Never know what can happen, right Dan.
dang> right you are'

Cherokee> hey guys I just looked at the clock, I got to go and get her dog up to see her. Dan it has been nice to meet you finally, now I have to quack when I see Pepper
dang> ok see ya Cherokee
debbye01> Bye cherokee.. tell Pepper get well soon
dang> yes tell her

hum90> bye cherokee
Cherokee> see ya all in the emails
Doc> any particular genre you'd like re: story?
dang> just real funny

Doc> okay, making a note: funny
debbye01> ok that's good for starters.. You would be cool on Raymond *lol* great show
bmcgee777> Dan, did you say if you Seen We Were Soldiers or not.
dang> yes I liked it

ToDfan> great movie
bmcgee777> Almost too real for me.
dang> I got ya there it was really crazy I can only imagine these movies today are getting really real

debbye01> that was one of my favorite all time movies.. Mel Gibson was fantstic
Doc> hard to watch with our Americans deploying as we speak
ToDfan> Bob said it was hard for him to watch
bmcgee777> Dan would have done good in that one.
debbye01> yea I agree with that
ToDfan>same here
bmcgee777> I could just seen him as the chopper pilot.
debbye01> yea that's actually what I thought when I saw it LOL..
Doc> Jeremy Piven is excellent
Doc> Dan, do you think that the turmoil in the middle east, well, around the world, now, is making a larger market for military-themed films?
dang> I don't know maybe to close to home if we go to war

danfan> Do you think we will be going to war?
dang> looks like it

bmcgee777> I think we will.
Doc> Oh yes. 9 days to go before my husband's second deployment. argh

Doc> me too. thanks.
Doc>,FYI I hope some of ya'll got to see the Huey that traveled around for the film In the Shadow of the Blade
bmcgee777> Were u ever in the serivice.
dang>no my father was a full bird in the army reserve

bmcgee777> Military Brat, huh. lol
dang> Not at all I was out of the house when he went back into the reserve

Doc> some of us military brats turned out okay! LOL I think?
ToDfan not all of us LOL
dang Braveheart is on sci-fi right now what a movie

debbye01 Yea Bravehart was a good movie as well
Doc> Brave Heart! oh, I cried at the end of that. oh, and in the beginning with that fabulous child actor at the graveside.
bmcgee777> Oh, my sister had a friend that played an NVA in TOD, Almost forgot about that.
dang> cool

debbye01> Dan did you enjoy working with the TOD military advisors in the show? Most of them were Vietnam vets as well
dang>yes very much there help was significant

bmcgee777> In Vietnam, I worked with the Sentry Dogs. Who knows, I could have been an advisor onTOD if the use any dogs. LOL.
dang> ya'

Doc> there's a movie there, the dogs. or a story at least
debbye01> They did have one episode with dogs
bmcgee777> I was in charged of the Sentry Dogs at Pleiku AB and I heard that they were all killed when the U.S. pulled out broke my heart.
dang> thats tough

Doc> can you fit in a dog suit, Dan?
ToDfan> lol

debbye01> I guess it depends on what kind of dog*lol*
Doc> you could play "Thunder"
bmcgee777> Would make a good movie and Dan the Star.
Doc>oh, someone stop me now …film opens on a dark jungle..bugs buzzing...we back up the camera to see a line of men creeping along
Doc> the camera travels along, past them, to a furry tail
dang> still

Doc> ya'll hooked yet?
debbye01> Are ya writing all this down Dan?
Doc> the dog is panting, tongue hanging out as he sniffs from side to side suddenly, suddenly
dang>you just won't stop its amazing with that tonasity you should have been an actor

bmcgee777> During ny time at Pleiku, because of the dogs, not one "Charlie" ever got thru the wire.
ToDfan> oh my god
Doc> the dog stopped dead in his tracks, hardly breathing, ears up
Doc> still with me?
ToDfan>we're listening
debbye01> we get the picture
Doc> he whines, sniffing, pawing at the dirt his handler kneels, peering into the darkness as the dog pees on his shoe
dang> really really

Doc>that's about all we can do for fifty cents
dang> thank god

Doc> I think it would make an awesome film.
bmcgee777> Agree.
> Dan, if you get something going of this, I would be happy to help.
ToDfan> who was saying something about being SANE LOL
dang> thanks, if no one has anymore ? I think I will go it's been fun

Doc> yes, Dan, it's been very enjoyable.
hum90> Dan which historical figure would you most like to play?, then we can write the film
dang> I really don't know have to think about it

bmcgee777> Dan, the peasure has been all mine,
ToDfan>we will have to do it again some time
DC> It was very nice to meet you.
debbye01> Thanks Dan.. we'll get that campaign going right away and hopefully we'll see you on tv verysoon
dang> that would be great

Doc> we can all meet up at the premiere of Dan's film
ToDfan> sounds good to me

hum90> Till the next time then , thanks
debbye01> yep!
bmcgee777> Hope we didn't bore u.
dang> not at all I really enjoyed it sorry about missing it last time

debbye01> we forgive you
Doc> take care, Dan
canlee> thank you dan good bye

bmcgee777> Good luck Dan.
dang> thanks bye

ToDfan> bye for now dan
Doc> bye
DC> bye

End of Chat