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Dan was born on Dec. 2,1963 in Prineville, Oregon where he was inspired at an early age to acting by his mother who was a stage actress in local theaters. While attending San Diego State University he became very interested in sports especially track but he once again was introduced into show business by a friend and landed his first role in a movie, Teen Witch.

He did modeling in both New York and Los Angeles with Ford and Nina Blanchard agencies before his career in acting.

Some of his most notable roles in his career thus far have been as the teenage hearthrob Brad Powell in Teen Witch(1989) , the hotshot chopper pilot Lt. Johnny McKay in Tour of Duty (1987) and police officer Chris Morgan in Illegal in Blue (1995)

While filming his first movie Teen Witch he met his wife actress Lisa Lisa Fuller. Dan and Lisa live in Los Angeles and New York with their 12 year old son Cole.

Dan & wife Lisa at a Tour of Duty Cast Reunion Party in Los Angeles May 2003
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Dan with his wife Lisa and Mom.


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