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This is a gallery of pics submitted by fans who have met Dan.
If you have any pictures you would like to share E-Mail me and I'll add them to this page

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Pics taken at the OLTL Fans Luncheon in NYC August 2003

Dan & Barbara 8/2003

Dan & Katy 8/2003

Dan & Lisa 8/2003

Dan & Jackie 8/2003

Dan & Lynn 8/2003

Dan & Kate August 2003

St Jude Benefit NYC 10/2003

Dan & Linda

The Rainbow of Hope Event on Nov 21st in NY

Jackie & Dan

Clare & Dan

Dan with Jen, Linda, Lisa & Marc Menard (Boyd/ AMC)

Dan with Milwaukee's 99WMYX radio personality Sandy Maxx at the Milwaukee's Women's Expo in October 2003.

2004 Events